Battered Not Broken - (HVY140)

Swords and spears can... get their attention...

Clash of Might - (HVY137)

"Even the mightiest titan will meet their match against apex predators whose singular existence is to smash, ravage, and destroy." - Brutus, Summa Rudis

Command Respect - (HVY071)

The rules of the Arena extend beyond its cavea. Strength, valor, and the occasional skulduggery; in the end, the weak give way to the will of the mighty.

Cut the Deck - (HVY106)

"Got a death wish, cheating against a Vandravel?" - Miss Q

Draw Swords - (HVY121)

"I live my life on the edge of my blade. This isn't just an arena; this is my world." - Olympia

Goblet of Bloodrun Wine - (HVY133)

"Blood, sweat, and tears of anguish. Such a sanguine feast of sensations, as intoxicating as the finest bloodrun wine..." - Countess Camilla

Nasty Suprise - (HVY207)

"I ain't reading no bloody warni-" - Last words of Beezy the Brash

Pint of Strong and Stout - (HVY089)

"Life's a blinkin' flash for those that live on the edge. 'Fore your grim fate comes a knockin', why not live a little? Grab a pint, drown your sorrows and toast to the now!" - Fightmaster Kox

Pound Town - (HVY035)

"...most of all, avoid eye contact. The last wise-guy, we're still scrapin' him off the flagstone!" - Luca, Arena Cicerone

Shift the Tide of Battle - (HVY102)

The Arena must claim its share, of every coin and every cheer, and woe betide the bookie who defies it.

Slap-Happy - (HVY180)

"Oh ya've gon an' done it now ain't ya? Got ol' Egghead all sloshed 'n itchin' for a brawl!" - Brewmeister Marv

Smashback Alehorn - (HVY044)

"A fierce match brings out the animal within. And nothin' gets the blood pumpin' like a keg of fiery ale and a good ol' brawl on the Arena stand." - Fightmaster Kox

Starting Stake - (HVY238)

Many are denied their place in history simply because they failed to make their very first coin.

Take the Upper Hand - (HVY112)

"Bet you won't say that to me a second time." - Dunric Vargas

Tenacity - (HVY211)

"Tenacity separates champions from the rabble, and uplifts heroes to the realm of legends." - Brutus, Summa Rudis

The Golden Son - (HVY059)

"Why wait for divine intervention, when gold can pave the way?" - Victor Goldmane

Wage Agility - (HVY169)

These daunting trials will put your skills to the test, as the onlookers cheer, jeer, and place their bets.

Wage Might - (HVY149)

"Think you got what it takes, or you just here for a drink?" - Bolfar

Wage Vigor - (HVY189)

"Had enough?? Another round!!" - Morga, Grinning Boar Cantina Barmaid

Wall of Meat and Muscle - (HVY142)

"You lost, kid?" - Giantslayer Crix